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Captivating Campus Vistas

UWE Bristol is a top choice for students seeking a study abroad experience. With a reputation for excellence in various fields, UWE Bristol offers modern facilities and a focus on employability. The city of Bristol is known for its vibrant arts scene, diverse cultural attractions, and lively student atmosphere.

Top Courses

Law Courses (Undergraduate)

LLB (Hons) Law

LLB (Hons) Law with Criminology

LLB (Hons) Law with Business

Business Courses (Undergraduate)

BA (Hons) Business and Management

BA (Hons) Business and Enterprise

BA (Hons) International Business

Computer Science Courses (Undergraduate)

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

BSc (Hons) Web Development

BSc (Hons) Cyber Security

Engineering Courses (Undergraduate)

BEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering

BEng (Hons) Civil and Environmental Engineering

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

Humanities Courses (Undergraduate)

BA (Hons) English Literature

BA (Hons) History

BA (Hons) Sociology

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