Study Abroad


Application and Admission

At Denning Consultants (DenCo), we expertly handle and submit top-notch university applications for our students, boosting their chances of getting into their chosen universities. Our team focuses on highlighting each student’s strengths, ensuring a smooth and successful admission process. We’re committed to guiding students every step of the way towards their academic goals.


One-on-One Counselling

Our one-on-one counselling sessions are meticulously tailored to understand your unique aspirations, academic background, and career ambitions. We focus on a personalised approach, ensuring that our guidance aligns perfectly with your individual needs and goals.

Personal Statements

At Denning Consultants (DenCo), we excel in guiding students to craft authentic, standout personal statements, essential in today’s AI-driven age. Our expert consultants focus on showcasing each student’s unique identity, experiences, and goals, ensuring a personal touch that resonates with admissions committees. We understand the importance of individuality in applications and are dedicated to helping students present themselves genuinely and impressively. Trust us to elevate your personal statement, making it a key asset in your journey to academic success.


Course Selection

At Denning Consultants (DenCo), we help you pick the right course that not only matches your interests and strengths but also sets you up for future success. Our consultants provide easy-to-understand, in-depth advice, ensuring your chosen course aligns with your long-term goals. We’re here to guide you towards a bright academic and career path.


Tutorial Guidance for Admission Tests

At Denning Consultants (DenCo), we offer comprehensive tutorial guidance for admission tests, ensuring you’re fully prepared and confident. Our expert tutors provide personalized strategies and insights, tailored to maximize your performance. With us, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your admission tests and secure your place at your desired institution.


Coaching for Admission and Visa Interviews

At Denning Consultants (DenCo), we offer specialized coaching for both university admission and visa interviews. Our realistic mock interviews provide a practice environment that builds your confidence and sharpens your responses. This thorough preparation ensures you are well-equipped to handle the real interviews with poise and precision, significantly enhancing your chances of success.