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International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Exam

IELTS Preparation

Master the IELTS with our comprehensive preparation course. Our expert tutors provide in-depth training in all four sections – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Tailored strategies and practice tests will equip you with the skills to achieve a high band score.



Required for

Study/Work Permit in English speaking countries

Mode of taking test

Computer Based Paper-Pen Based

Test Type

English Proficiency Test

Official Website

British Council Portal

About IELTS Exams

About Test

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) stands out as the foremost examination for evaluating English proficiency. It gauges the language skills of individuals aspiring to study or work in regions where English serves as the primary means of communication. Major countries like the UK, USA, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia recognize IELTS scores. The test encompasses listening, reading, writing, and speaking components, all completed within approximately three hours. There are four UKVI life skills of Academic and General Training. All sections are  not undertaken on the same day Listening, Writing and Reading take place with out intervals whereas Speaking can be on the same day or the next day with the entire test duration totaling 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Why take  the test?

Recognized by over 11,000 universities worldwide and available at over 1000 test centers spanning across 140 countries, IELTS offers accessibility to a broad spectrum of individuals. Beyond its significance for employment and educational endeavors abroad, the test also serves as a valuable tool for refining English language proficiency. A proficient command of English not only facilitates smoother interactions with locals but also aids visa authorities in ensuring applicants possess adequate communication skills to navigate various situations effectively.

IELTS Basics

Eligibility : Must have a valid passport and must have be 16 tears of age.

Date and Frequency : IELTS test dates are available for booking every day you can check available slots using the online British Council Portal 

Result: IELTS Exam results are released 13 calendar days after the test for the paper based and 3-5 calendar days for computer based test. The candidate will receive only ONE original Test Report Form (TRF).

Score Reporting : A candidate may request up to 5 additional TRFs to be sent to Receiving Institutions (universities, professional bodies, etc) within 1 month of taking the IELTS test. TRFs sent by courier will be sent through DHL and students will be charged accordingly. If the Receiving Institution accepts electronic submission of scores then that can be arranged through the IDP IELTS office at no charge.

Validity : The test is valid for 2 years from the date of attempt

IELTS Exam Registration Process

You can either register online and pay the test fee by Credit Card, or by cash at standard Chartered Bank

Step 1:
Book IELTS (on paper or on a computer)

Step 2:
IELTS Academic.

Step 3:
Select your location of examination.

Step 4:
Choose IELTS on Paper or IELTS on Computer.

Step 5:
Select dates and press search for Tests.

Step 6:
Select dates of test after checking time and checking the Face to Face option of the IELTS Speaking test.

Step 7:
Login using your ID or register with a new one.

Step 8:
Book the test and make the payment (Online or Physical)


Tution Fee

15000 PKR